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Business Website:

Looking to build or redesign a business website? While the style and aesthetics of the site are important, there are much bigger considerations to make. Your website needs to be just a stake in the ground of the digital landscape. It needs to be optimized for search engines. It needs to support content that informs customers and builds trust. Most importantly, your website needs to be set up to turn every visitor into a loyal paying customer.

Here are the factors that should be incorporated into every business website design.

Calls to action: 

While there is a certain portion of your audience that knows what they want when they visit your website, there are others who are still at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. These visitors sometimes need some extra help knowing what their next step should be, and that comes with a CTA — a call to action. Think about using phrases like “buy now” or “sign up for free.”

Promise & Sub-Promise

Once you know what challenges your customers are looking to solve, offer them a promise on your website that your business has a solution. Backup your guarantee with social proof — mine Google and Facebook for reviews that verify the efficacy of your products or services. Better yet, add a review widget to your business website.

Contact Info

How can customers know where you are or how to do business with you if you don’t tell them? Make contact information clear and put it on every page, in either a sidebar, header, or footer. That way, site visitors will see your NAP 9name, address, phone number) regardless of where they navigate.

Fresh Content

Search engines like Google prioritize websites with fresh, relevant content by pushing them up in the search results. Keep blogs current, content relevant, and pages updated to help improve and support SEO. You can also add tools to your website that provide a feed of your social media content.

Mobile Optimization

There’s a smartphone in nearly every household these days, and your customers are using them to find businesses in their local communities. Make sure your business website can be easily viewed and navigated from mobile devices to increase the chance of site conversions of visitors to customers.


The better you can inform customers about what your business offers, the more empowered they become to make a buying decision. Ensure that your service and product descriptions are clear, straightforward, and concise so as not to confuse readers. Adding pricing is a personal decision, but if you do list prices make sure they stay current and updated.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that your industry is too technical to have a “fun” website. All businesses across all sectors need to include content that keeps visitors hooked and reading more, which may require some out-of-the-box thinking and design. 

Links to Social

Having an updated social feed for your business is just as important as having a good website. By adding links to your business’s social media account, you make it easy to build your (organic) audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This creates a content promotion cycle; add content to your website, provide links to social, promote content on social, and repeat.

Building an online presence that builds your business’s bottom line starts with a website that works as a lead generating machine. Doing this takes experience and expertise of a diverse marketing team — like ours here at D3FY. Aligning your website and marketing efforts to deliver results shouldn’t be this difficult to achieve. You know something is off but you’re unsure how to fix it, and don’t think you can afford to outsource it.

When you get more leads you close more customers and your reputation and revenue increases. When you have an effective marketing funnel, it becomes easy to refine and business growth becomes effortless. Learn more about our approach and get in touch today.

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