A Guide To Online Reputation Management

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management what is this?

These days, the first place your customer looks to learn more about your business is online. They’ll visit your website, look for reviews, and follow you on social media. Don’t you want to make sure they’re getting the best first impression? That’s where comprehensive reputation management comes in. 

Simply put, online reputation management is the process of crafting a narrative that puts your business or brand in a positive light. Here are some strategies and best practices to implement to help make that happen.

Search & Respond

Before you launch any kind of reputation management campaign, you need to get a much better idea of what people are saying about your business. Take a deep dive into reviews on sites like Google and Yelp, and dig through the comments that people are making on your business’s social media pages. 

There’s a good chance that you’ll find something less-than-flattering along the way — but that’s okay. These reviews can become an opportunity for you as a business owner to make things right. Respond publicly (but limit the interaction and control the conversation) or reach out to the customer privately through message or email.

Don’t Delete!

You may also be tempted to delete the bad reviews or social media comments, or delete business social media accounts altogether in the case of a major gaffe. Don’t do it! Keep posting on social media, and keep responding to those negative reviews and comments.

If you’re hiding, your customers will think you’re covering something up. While negative feedback about your business can be disheartening, customers don’t necessarily trust businesses with only 5-star reviews either. Keep it posted and keep it real instead of wiping it out and pretending it didn’t happen.


Drop The Emotions & Get Real

No business owner is immune from uncovering negative reviews or feedback throughout the course of their lives as an entrepreneur. It’s not possible to please everyone all the time, and it’s not personal when customers share their frustrations about customer service on a very public forum like the internet.

Also remember that you can’t force anyone to leave a good review or delete a bad one. What you can control, however, is how you provide customer service inside your store and how you connect with customers online. and that’s how you can use online reputation management tips guide.

Read Between The Lines

Online reviews and comments aren’t just about being “good” or “bad.” As you comb through what’s being said about you online, truly understand what your customers are saying about you. Glean for insight on keywords, phrases, or commonly stated issues with your business. These insights will also help you understand what your customers expect from businesses like yours. 

Where your customers are talking about you is just as important as what they’re saying. Have you noticed an uptick in comments on Facebook? Maybe it’s time to invest in more paid ads on the platform. Are you noticing more reviews on Google? Make sure you’re optimizing your Google My Business profile to help leverage that attention.

Online Reputation Management Expert

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a huge disconnect between your quality of work and your lackluster digital presence. You’ve worked hard to create a business that is excellent, reputable, and customer-focused. The problem is that very little of those qualities about your business is represented well on your website, social media and Google listings.  

You need a reputation management strategy that attaches the same quality of work you do offline, on your website and accurately displays what you offer. We offer a game plan and the team to deliver a marketing strategy that elevates your website, SEO, Social Media and Branding for one price. So you can stop laying awake at night frustrated with your traction online and start seeing leads come in from your website.

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