We offer an array of services for growing tech startups, and existing businesses who wish to leverage our services for their products.

Dream Team for your Project

Strategy + Implementation at a fraction of the cost. It’s like having a whole dev team instantly.

So you went to a dev shop and they quoted you $100,000+ to build your idea. Then you talked to an overseas shop and they quoted you $10,000 for the same thing. What gives? Who can you trust?

Overseas development might appear to save money in the short run, but with timezone differences and language barriers, you could  just be spinning your wheels. Not to mention strategy – y’know one of the most important foundational items of your project that sets the tone for how everything goes. 

That’s why we came up with the “Dream Team” – to help you defy the odds when building your project. We bring our proven strategy for building startups, and combine it with the price-benefits of an overseas developer – all wrapped up into one!

What you'll get
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Developer (overseas, full-time employee of D3FY)
  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Session with a startup mentor
  • Transparency into the project Timeline

*Each member of our team has experience working with, or creating and selling their own startups. All of our overseas developers are full-time, highly skilled individuals who work directly with out team.

Website Strategy, Design, Development

You don’t need a website – you need a solution for your business, and that’s where we come in

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Product Design Sprint

Rapidly prototype your idea and get instant market feedback in only 1 week

Website SEO and PPC Management

If you build it, they won’t come. Unless you know how to put it on the front page of Google, that is!