Supurb is a Phoenix-based Startup which was started by two local entrepreneurs. Their goal was to provide a safe and legal delivery service for dispensaries who did not already have these services or system in place.

The Opportunity:

Medical Marijuana is a new and rapidly growing industry in Arizona. With a majority of patients suffering from pain and also with the amount of time it takes to travel to/from dispensaries being a hassle, direct delivery was a natural solution to this problem. Supurb sought to capture the market by being one of the first medical marijuana delivery services to directly help dispensaries immediately offer delivery services through the Supurb Delivery system.

The Work:

From idea to MVP in 3 months. With a small investor backing their idea, and a 4 page word document describing features, Supurb came to us ready to develop their web application. Because medical marijuana is regulated, this project had the added task of making doubly sure that every transaction made is audit-ready and all the details recorded.

Not only was there the aspect of a product menu for customers to choose from, but the app required a sure-safe way to manage orders, deliveries, and employees. For the MVP to work, each of these had to be in place and working. Including user accounts, and a way to verify each customer with the Department of Health regarding regulations for amount each customer can consume.

The Results:

Within 3 months, we had built Supurb an MVP which was an immediate success. Within a few months after launch, when the ideas was proven successful, we began building the next generation which allowed them to expand their business across Arizona. As of this writing, Supurb has announced a 4-million dollar revenue goal for 2017. I’d say that’s a success!