Tips For Driving Business Revenue With Your Website

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It’s a matter of fact: businesses cannot afford to ignore their website. Whether It’s time to update the site or it’s being built from the ground up, a well-designed and user-friendly website will be an important tool for your business to help drive revenue. This is just as true for eCommerce retailers as it is for brick & mortar stores and service-based local businesses.

Knowing the technical aspects of building a website is one thing, but also knowing how to present your business on the website is just as important, if not more. Teaming up with a digital marketing professional can offer important insight on what it takes for a business website to be a success. It’s important to focus on these critical areas:

Generating Leads more business revenue

Once visitors find your website you generally only have a few seconds to grab their attention and let them know if you are exactly what they are looking for. , It starts with your message — a clear statement telling them what your business does. Keep it simple and short. You can always add more details later.

Next, tell them what you want them to do. In marketing terms this is referred to as the “Call To Action”. Calls to action like “get in touch” or “try a free demo” could help convince your ideal customer to take another step in the buyer’s journey. Here are a few examples of CTAs that are easy to implement:

  • Schedule a free demo
  • Get a consultation
  • Read a real-world case study
  • See customer testimonials
  • Receive a product discount
  • Download educational content

The above list is by no means complete, but it can be a great way to get started. Use content that helps touch on their pain points, provide solutions to challenges, and meets needs along each step of the decision-making process. Inbound marketing tools for your website are optimized landing pages, consistent and educational blog updates, and aesthetic design that speaks to your overall branding. For eCommerce brands, this means high-resolution images and detailed product descriptions, along with category pages and menus that are easy to navigate and shop.

Converting Leads Into Sales

If a website visitor takes action to get in touch with you, that’s great! But this is only the beginning. Depending on your type of business and sales process, you may be talking to people on the phone (usually for service based businesses) or you may not meet the buyer at all but still be communicating with them through a chat widget or pre-made content on your website (usually for eCommerce websites)

Getting the sale is a complex topic that deserves its own blog post, but there are a few principles we can touch on here. First, alway try to provide value to your customers, whether they pay you or not, it’s best to leave them feeling like a “win” was achieved just by contacting your business. Next, take time to listen to your potential customer’s needs. Remember, they aren’t buying your services — they are buying the OUTCOME that they are seeking, and it just so happens that your service might get them there.

Keeping this in mind will help you close the sale.

Managing Your Reputation

Here’s some tips for making sure your digital reputation serves your business. Even if word-of-mouth looks a little different in a digital world, it still remains a time-tested marketing strategy that all businesses can use. Marketing professionals can suggest tools widgets that update your website to show third-party reviews from other platforms like Google. A separate landing page for testimonials and case studies can be used in paid ad campaigns and social media posts. Local service-based businesses can show pictures of the employees that regularly interact with customers or perform services in their homes. Showing website visitors this level of transparency also builds trust, a cornerstone of customer loyalty and a revenue driver.

Content and Design

Content is the most important aspect of your website. A well written headline or sentence will do more for your sales than a flashy animation or color palette. Keep in mind that people don’t read content as much as they scan headlines. So you’ll want your content to be concise and to the point. Blog posts are a good place to write out long-form descriptions of what’s on your mind, but your website content should be easy to scan and understand quickly.

User experience (UX — how your visitors interact with your online presence) goes a long way towards helping people to visit your physical store or make an online purchase. Design that limits options for users to click on will help reduce overwhelm, which could lead to a lost sale. Many customers use their smartphones to browse the internet and your website should be mobile-responsive so it looks and performs the same as it would on a desktop computer.

Leveraging Tech Tools

Now more than ever there are countless marketing tech tools that you can add to your toolbox that give visitors on-demand answers to questions that help them make a purchase. Chatbots are automated, artificial intelligence-based features that will interact in real time, giving information when shoppers are looking for it — even if it’s not during the normal operating hours for your business. Service-based businesses should invest in website upgrades that allow customers to set their own appointments at their own convenience. Restaurants should upgrade their site to offer online ordering with customizable menus. Working closely with an experienced marketing team will help you understand which tools are best for your business website and general marketing strategy.

What if your website was easy to manage? Or even better, what if you didn’t have to worry about it! With the D3FY Agency, you can trust that requests are answered in a timely manner, and that your tech is being cared for like it was our own. With a dedicated project manager, and fully transparent communication, we’re here to deliver the best quality service you’ve ever had!

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