Performing A Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis

By performing a content gap analysis, you’ll get a broad overview of topics and search keywords that may be missing in your website content, although they’re relevant to your key demographics. When these words and phrases aren’t a part of your marketing messages, shoppers will go to the competitors — who are giving them the content they’re looking for.

Content is now more important than ever when it comes to growing your online presence and the visibility of your website. Giving potential website visitors the content they need to convert into loyal, paying customers. You can no longer guess what they want or post simply for the save of posting. You need to analyze data sets that will reveal areas for improvement.

Why Is A Content Gap Analysis Important?

You can build a beautiful website and post regularly on social media, but if you’re not seeing conversions and engagement to give ROI from your efforts, you’re probably missing the mark on content. All you need to do is perform a quick Google search of your own to access a library of strategies and best practices to create content that lands, and many of these tips work and work wwii. However, only a small number of those approaches are based on real numbers to direct content creation.

With a content gap analysis, you can build a bridge between the content you think customers should have, and the content they really want to help make a buying decision. They want to be educated, engaged, and to know they can trust your business or brand to offer solutions to their problems. A content gap analysis will also reveal opportunities to better personalize marketing messages to reach niche groups and disconnected customers.

How To Create A Content Gap Analysis

This is a straightforward process that can be replicated and scaled to help your marketing and content creation strategy stay fresh and relevant.

Create buyer personas: Personalized content is much more effective than vague, catch-all content. These personas should also include the journey that members of your target demographic take from research to purchase and even beyond.

  1. Ask for feedback: There’s a really good chance that your customers would love to tell you what they love about your business. Ask them about it — and encourage them to also share where you could improve your products and services.
  2. Perform keyword research: Reconcile customer feedback and the buyer personals to find keywords, phrases, and topics that overlap. There are tools online to help with this, but you need to have a tangible, documented list of search terms to work with.
  3. Assess current content: It’s good to have content, but it’s better to have content that converts website visitors to paying customers. Create a spreadsheet to list content types and topics that exist on your website and add in key performance indicators.
  4. Scoop the competition: What are your competitors doing? How is their content getting engagement? Are their blog posts good — or bad? Take notes, and use these notes for your own content strategy.
  5. Add it all up: Take all of the results of completing the first five steps of your analysis and connect the dots. Create a list of content types and topics to add to your marketing assets, and update your overall marketing strategy to avoid any gaps in the future.

Performing a content gap analysis is an effective way to increase the reach of your online presence, but it’s also a lengthy process. Bringing in outside marketing help can take the work off your plate; we understand how frustrating it can feel to watch potential customers pass you by online because you’re “virtually” invisible.

When you increase your visibility online, you become a relevant option and get seen. When you get seen, you generate more potential leads. When you get more leads you close more customers and your reputation and revenue increases. When you have an effective marketing funnel, it becomes easy to refine and business growth becomes effortless. Reach out to our team to help get your content marketing back on track.

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