Marketing Resolutions To Make In 2021

marketing resolutions

“Plan for the unexpected.” If there was ever a year when that was true, it’s 2021 — especially after all of the lessons we learned last year. Here are some marketing resolutions you should make to build a strong foundation for your website, and help you weather any storm that may come.

Make A Plan (For Real)

It’s easy to talk about how you want to handle marketing in 2021, but take things to the next step and actually document it. Carve out real time to develop your strategy, flesh it out, and share it with other teammates. It keeps everyone accountable and on the same page, which in turn offers the added benefit of boosting collaboration when it comes to content creation.

Attack Your Analytics

If you’re still using a crystal ball to figure out your marketing, make 2021 the year you finally spend time getting to know how marketing metrics work. Track the numbers to show when you’re seeing success and learn which stats help identify areas for improvement. While your hunches may help guide you to inspiration, quantifying your efforts helps better define marketing ROI.

Do Your Research

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — the “Big Three” — are user-friendly and ubiquitous platforms, but they’re certainly not the only players in the game. With the meteoric rise in popularity of video marketing, don’t underestimate the importance of understanding YouTube. Try out TikTok; depending on your industry and brand it could turn out to be a great marketing channel. Bottom line: It’s time to branch out and explore your options.

Revise Your Mission Statement

Has your business undergone a pivot? Have you found that your brand’s purpose has changed to better meet your customers’ shifting expectations? It’s time that your branding and marketing messages reflect that — rewrite your mission statement and use it as a blueprint. Customers will take notice if you’re not walking the walk; empathy in marketing is a trend that will continue to grow. 

Streamline Your SEO

There was once a time when keyword stuffing was all the rage, but Google now knows that keywords are not the only important factor of a user’s internet search. Quality of content, relevance, and overall context are what search engines like Google are looking for when they serve up search results. Think about the questions that your customers are asking and use SEO to optimize content that provides answers.

Change Up Your Content

While blogs and email newsletters are core content for all marketing strategies, the internet is full of users who expect a brand to have a presence across several channels. Think: videos, podcasts, guest posts on industry publications, or even webinars. You’ll introduce your business to a network of audience members that may not have otherwise come across your website organically. 

Kick Up Your Content

On that note, remember that your content is created for customers to read and relate to — and not just jargon that’s meant for search engines to crawl. If your content is too technical, full of errors, not informative, or inaccurate, your customers will go elsewhere to find answers (and spend their hard-earned money.) If you’re a local, small business or a multi-location brand, this is a great time to localize your content.

Try Something New

Marketing technology has come a long way in a short amount of time, and there are no shortage of options that will help streamline your processes. Make a resolution to try one of these tools, whether it be an app that helps with designing content or a tool that segments and schedules email marketing campaigns. These tools save you time that you can then focus on growth strategies for your business.

Make It A Team Effort

Successful entrepreneurs know that they don’t know it all, which is when they turn to experts on other fields. Partnering with marketing pros can give you a fresh perspective on the types of resolutions you need to make to help your business grow in 2021. They’ll help you determine a strategy and work closely to align your marketing goals with the vision you have for your business. 

We know that you already have so much on your 2021 marketing resolutions list; we know you would rather be tackling that than second-guessing your marketing. We go beyond digital marketing – we are your advisors to all things business growth. Reach out and resolve to make this year your best year yet!

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