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One of the best ways for local businesses to capture the best lead generation strategies and gain more customers is by using digital marketing strategies to catch the attention of shoppers in their own backyard. Local leads are attracted to localized efforts, which also work hard to build your business’s reputation and establish it as a mainstay within the community.

While larger, more complex marketing strategies (regardless of your industry or business) should be left to the pros, there are some considerations and best practices you can take advantage of as a hands-on business owner or manager.

SEO For Local Results

Local SEO is a comprehensive approach to lead generation in and of itself, but it packs an even more powerful punch when used on a hyperlocal level. It starts with thorough keyword research to narrow down what words and phrases are being used during internet searches, with a sharp focus on localized keywords — think: the name of your city, a regional nickname, or even the phrase “near me.”

Another prong of local SEO is optimizing your Google My Business profile and content. At minimum, your store name, address, email contact and phone number should be checked consistently for any changes or errors. Beyond that, you can upload pictures of your business or products, along with regular posts to boost visibility in search results.

Create Local Content

This falls under local SEO efforts. Use those keywords you found in localized content — search engines and their algorithms love to see fresh, relevant updates on your website that visitors are not only sticking around to view, but also helping to convert them into customers.

Think beyond the blog post, too: You can add keywords to a long list of content, including your email newsletters and marketing videos. Don’t overlook the power of localized webinar and podcast topics either. Take a look at your Google Analytics to better understand website traffic (including where visitors are located) and fine-tune localized keywords and content.

Personalized Landing Pages

Creating keyword-specific landing pages has long been an effective digital marketing strategy. This is especially important for multi-location business or franchises; each location should have its own personalized landing page when customers in different places look for business information. 

These landing pages are also a great spot for your local content. Your “main” website should offer general information about your products or services, and localized landing pages should be more location-specific. With the right localized optimization, landing pages will be what pops up high on the list when customers add “near me” to their internet searches.

Try Geomarketing

Have you ever received a mobile app notification for a discount at your favorite big box store, just as you’re driving by? It’s not magic; it’s geomarketing. Hyperlocal customers are targeted when they’re close by, with advertising that’s triggered to meet them at a time when they’re more likely to make a purchase decision.

While you can’t leverage this type of lead generation without first having an app for your business, the good news is that mobile app development is a low investment with big payoff. Even beyond geomarketing, mobile apps can help your business stay top-of-mind for customers who are already spending plenty of time on their mobile devices.

Google Services Ads

Local Services Ads from Google are another paid advertising option, but like mobile apps and geomarketing, these ads offer significant return on investment. “Local Services ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls you directly through the ad.”

The Google Guarantee is what makes Local Services advertising different from traditional pay-per-click ads. It’s an endorsement from Google that adds a layer of trust; it helps potential customers better understand a local business’s reputation. Additionally, they show customer reviews and ratings — testimonials go a long way towards educating shoppers during a purchase journey.
Depending on your business size, industry, and location, there are plenty of strategies you can try to gain local lead generation and conversions. Ultimately you’ll want to call in the marketing pros to explore your options, create and implement your plan, and track the progress. We go beyond digital marketing – we are your advisors to all things business growth. Stop wasting your time and money guessing at what marketing strategies to implement and outsource your marketing to an affordable expert that has your business growth in mind — get in touch today.

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