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American Adoption Congress

American Adoption Congress

We helped national nonprofit organization American Adoption Congress upgrade their process for managing event attendees for their annual conference.

Previously things were being run manually, using paper. This ended up taking extra time and costing precious resources. Not to mention the effects of human error.

We started with a Discovery Phase – getting to know their organization and getting clear on the details of how events were managed and what their goals were.

With a clear goal in mind, we proposed a plan to build a website to help manage event tickets, as well as membership subscriptions.

One of the main challenges was the complex multi-page registration form needed for event attendees. For example, we needed to track food preferences, room preferences, and which type of ticket they needed, on top of about 20 other form elements needed, some which were conditional depending on previous answers given.

We ended up using WordPress with Gravity Forms and WooCommerce to provide the desired outcome. There was not design requirements, but we still created a clean interface as we always want to produce excellent results.

By combining both memberships and event tickets, a lot of time and overhead was saved internally, plus it was far more simple for users to sign up for events and a membership subscription at the same time.

The end result is they now have automated membership subscription billing, and a central location to track event tickets and memberships.


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