How To Add A Manager To Your Google My Business Profile (instructions with pictures)

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Your Google Business profile is an important part of building organic traffic to your website. But it’s not always easy to keep things updated consistently by just one person.

By adding a manager to your profile, you can delegate responsibilities to others so you can focus on other tasks. This is most commonly done within a company who is delegating access to a marketer, or to a 3rd party such as a digital agency or freelancer.

Steps For Adding a Manager to your Google Business Profile

Step 1: Log into your GMB dashboard

This can be done by going to and logging in with your gmail account. If you don’t have a Google Business Account yet, you can easily create one.


Logging into your Google Business Account

Step 2: Select the location you want to delegate access for

Next, you’ll need to select the location you want to delegate access for. Usually there will only be one (for small businesses). But if your business has multiple locations then you’ll need to delegate access for each one. Just pick the first one you’d like to delegate.


Choose the location you wish to delegate access for

Step 3: Click “Users” to open up the user management panel

On the left side menu, look for the “Users” option and click on it to open the user management panel.


Click the “users” option to open the user management profile

Step 4: Click “Add Users”

Click that button!


Click “Add Users” button

Step 5: Enter their email address and select a role

Now, enter the email address of the person you are delegating access to. Also, choose which role you want them to have. Generally, the “Manager” role is sufficient for most cases. This will allow them to change content on the profile, but not allow them to delete or migrate it to another user.


Enter email and select role

Step 6: Invite

Finally, if everything has been entered correctly you will notice the “Invite” button has turned a solid color, indicating you can click on it.

Click that “Invite” button and you are done.

The only thing left to do is for the person you invited to check their email and look for the link that Google sends them to accept the invitation.

Congratulations, you have added a manager to your Google Business Profile!

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