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We help world-changing entrepreneurs defy the odds
with a successful MVP using our proven strategy.

Web App Development

With our design-driven process, we take your idea and bring it to life. We work with ReactJS, PHP (Laravel), and NodeJS to build both web and mobile applications. Learn More

Website Design

Whether you need a complete website refresh, or just a plugin or feature added – we can help. We love WordPress and are experts at developing sites with it. Find Out Why

iOS & Android Apps

We build native and hybrid mobile applications. We work with React Native, Swift (iOS), and Java (Android). We also build Progressive Web Apps for mobile devices. Get In Touch

Strategy & Foundation

Need help fleshing out your idea? We’ve developed an in-house process to walk you through all the right steps. Don’t leave strategy to chance – accelerate your business using our proven strategy. Learn More

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product – or MVP means getting a working product to market ASAP. We’ll work with you to identify the “must haves” of your application and rapidly develop a high-quality MVP so you can begin acquiring users. Build an MVP

Test The Market

Don’t spend time and money building a product unless you have tested the market first. Avoid “inventors bias” by setting up a landing page where you can accept signups for early-beta access. Ask us how

You have enough
on your plate

We'll take care of the software
so you can focus on your startup

Don’t go it alone. Between marketing, operations, and growing your business, you have enough to worry about and technical debt shouldn’t be one of them. That’s where D3FY comes in – we handle the technical side of your software product to plan, design & build your product on time and within budget.

We’re not just another agency – we’re your new partner to help give you the technical edge you need!

It's no secret that half of all startups fail.

We've "been there and done that"
let us handle the hard tech stuff

We can help you avoid the pitfalls that come when developing software as a service. And we’ve mapped out the whole process so you can follow along with us. Now you have a partner on your side to help you defy the odds!

We Help Startup Companies build MVP's

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It's about more than building it right, you have to build the right thing.

Marcus Blankenship

Build the Right Thing

A strong foundation from which
to build your dream...

We’ve integrated a thorough research and discovery phase we call FOUNDATIONTM which sets up a strong base for your product development. Through this process we work with you to map out everything needed to complete your MVP. After this process you will know with confidence the timeline and cost to build your product. But that’s not all, you will also have a ROADMAP outlined with major milestones, tech stack, a style guide, and all you need to get started right. It’s like having the foundation to your house built for you – a strong, solid FOUNDATIONTM.

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